Let’s moon together !

MoonBrat is a Randomized Generated Avatar NFT and we are really excited that you are going to have a chance of meeting a living dimension travel legend! There will be total of 3000 MBRATs for the first batch.

Mint amount:

Price per nft: 0.25 MOVR

Total minted: ? / 3000


What if I told you that dimension travel is real, would you accept risk and start your whole new life in a new dimension? You don’t need to answer the question right now, but we want you to hear a story about the most chaotic dimension traveler that we know, Moonbrat …

Moonbrat is a sweet-looking 13 years old boy who travels into many different dimensions and inter-dimensions. He has many personalities due to a side-effect of too much spacetime traveling.

Moonbrat isn’t his real name, but a nickname from people in every dimension that he causes chaos. Fantasy dimension, space colonize dimension, and murim dimension he has been through it all and he is still going for more chaos …

Many dimensions really hate him to the bone. Trust us, you don’t want to know the details about all the chaos he has done.


Who's Moonbrat?

Is Moonbrat just a myth?

When will Moonbrat be available for minting?

I really want Moonbrat! How much?


Moonbrat is planning a lot of new multi-dimensional trips. We believe Moonbrat shouldn't just be a normal NFT but he needs to have an utility, make sure to follow us for Moonbrat’s news and where he’s gonna bring the chaos next.

Coming Soon! 👀